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Major Suckitude [Jan. 14th, 2008|08:48 am]
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[music |Journey - Don't Stop Believing]

Yesterday, by all accounts, is not one of my happiest moments. The Colts are no longer the "Defending Super Bowl Champion Colts". Marvin Harrison is finally playing like his age. Peyton is apparently not the better Manning this year. Philip Rivers is a D-bag, even though he had nothing to do with the Chargers winning. That guy does not deserve LaDainlan Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Chris Chambers, or any of the other ridiculously talented guys on that team. He deserves to lose 62-7 to the Patriots while all of his teeth get bashed in. There, I said it.

Just that alone would cause a sour day, but wait, there's more! I have yet another new shift manager, and I am beyond frustration in a job that doesn't require a high school diploma yet I've been working there for over a year with a college degree. Also, as yesterday's events reminded me, I also get left out out of stuff and ignored. That's something I should be used to by now, but still, it hurts. But oh well, no matter how my feelings are about stuff, they don't matter. At least it seems like it.

I'm just comforted to know that no matter how alone I feel or how I let stuff keep me down, God does care about me. I'm sure He has stuff in store for me; I just have to stay patient and keep the faith. Oh, and be more outgoing and gutsy too!

Today will be a better day :)
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Random thought about sports and life in general [Sep. 24th, 2007|07:26 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Bob Seger]

Yep, the Colts can't defend their title. They lost too many good players. Plus they made Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and Jason David run to their respective mommies. Wha?!

I don't think I like the bandwagon Colts poseur fans too much. When I attended a preseason game with Danny, some guy in his 50's behind me asked me why the home team was wearing blue instead of white and what "T.O.L." meant on the scoreboard. I really wanted to quiz him on Jeff George, Steve Emtman and Aaron Bailey, but I decided against it.

Worse rules in football:
1. The fact that you can call a timeout right before a kicker attempts a field goal to the point that none of the kicking team's players or fans know a timeout occurred until the football clears the uprights.
2. The Tuck Rule (yes, it's still on the books)
3. That Roger Goodell can't go back in time to penalize Ray Lewis and Bill Romanowski for their incidents. Oh, and O.J. Simpson too.

We could have a Cubs-Indians World Series. Bring on the apocalypse!

Geoff is getting married in a couple weeks. I'm excited. I wonder if his original roommate, Sammy Morris, is going to attend.

Speaking of marriage, it's still strange that my sister has a new last name and I don't get to see her as often anymore. But the thing that counts is she's happy and she married a wonderful guy.

How did I go from college graduate to overnight stocking? It might be time to consider grad school.
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Memorable moments from last weekend [Jun. 15th, 2007|10:01 pm]
- Going to the Indianapolis Indians game Friday with my friend Melissa, seeing an old Foundation guy (Mike) there, and him thinking that we were dating

- Everyone noticing that I weigh around 50 pounds less than I did my last year at Taylor

- Caleb predicting that I would arrive in a Pacers shirt and shorts, which was exactly what I wore

- The comedy of us playing "Fight Night" and most of us not knowing how to block punches, leading to fights similar to the ones in the first four "Rocky" films, only the fights last twenty seconds

- Looper and Hedrick reading off their many fortune cookies, as the messages progressively get more weird

- Finally meeting the Jupp family, and me getting chased down by his son

- T2's warning

- Another Saturdsy Night Ride (sorta), for old time's sake

- The irony of watching the movie "Hitch" and remembering that me and Taylor women just don't mix

- All the Geoff stories/myths/legends
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Truckin' and the Return of Skinny Me [May. 24th, 2007|12:58 pm]
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[music |Tom Petty]

A month ago my grandpa gave me his truck. He is now 90 and moved from Kentucky to South Carolina to be closer to my aunt's family, so it was time for him to give me it. For the first time in my life, I have a vehicle for my own (though I kinda had the family Brown Car for a brief period too, which I shared with my sister). And just in time for $3.40/gallon gasoline! Woohoo! Now for some reason, with my pickup truck, I have a country music vibe going...

I have been working overnights at Lowe's for five months now. I thought by now I would have a better job or, more probably, I would get canned. Either way, I'm still there, with the 9pm-5am routine. I am lifting heavy objects that I never dreamed would lift five months ago, and my body is showing the effects of constant lifting and walking. Though I lost some weight since I finished at Taylor (getting away from the DC and Handy Andy helped), the weight loss accelerated since I took the job. The problem is, all those clothes I gave to my brother or put in yard sales when I gained that weight in college: I want them back. At least I have a belt to keep my pants from falling...

I was laughing at the Boston Celtics and the Memphis Grizzlies for tanking to try to get Greg Oden and Kevin Durant and then they fall fifth and fourth in the draft lottery (that's why they have the lottery, haha!) That was before I remembered that the Pacers traded their first round pick in the deepest draft in years for Al Harrington. Of course, Harrington promptly got traded to the Warriors for absolutely nothing. Now if you excuse me, I'll have to take a shot of Colts Feel-Good Juice before I pull my three remaining hairs out...
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Someone finally sees the light [Apr. 2nd, 2007|06:58 pm]
"Roy Hibbert is looming as the most divisive lottery pick this June -- some believe his lack of athletic ability makes him a backup center at best, while others see him as a potential All-Star. I'm closer to the latter camp because he reminds me a little of Rik Smits, who was unequivocally one of the most underappreciated players of the past 20 years.

Maybe Reggie Miller received the most attention on those contending Indiana teams in the mid-'90s, but Smits was their most valuable player -- he gave them a low-post offense and always commanded a double team, which opened the floor for Reggie. In his prime (a four-year stretch from '95 to '98), Smits averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds a game, shot 52 percent from the field and 78 percent from the free-throw line and shined during the '95 playoffs (averaging a 20-7 over 17 games and outplaying Ewing). Unfortunately, he couldn't crack an All-Star team until the tail end of his prime ('98) because Mourning, Ewing and Dikembe Mutombo were always blocking the way. But that Pacers team made three runs at the title ('94, '95 and '98) with Smits providing the entire low-post offense.

And if that's not enough, he had a great nickname (The Dunking Dutchman), he kept the middle-part hairdo going for about eight years after it became taboo, he made one of the most underrated playoff game-winners ever (a buzzer-beater in the '95 playoffs against Orlando in a game in which the lead changed hands four times in the last 15 seconds), and he delighted NBA fans to no end when he shaved his head during the '98 playoffs (became the all-time answer to the trivia question, "Which NBA player looked the worst with a shaved head?").

Needless to say, I enjoyed the Smits Era and he's the center on my All-Underrated Team from the past 20 years, along with Tom Chambers, Detlef Schrempf, Nick Anderson and Mark Price, as well as Ricky Pierce and Eddie Johnson coming off the bench. (Note: Big Shot Brob would have been the starting power forward as recently as three years ago, but everyone appreciates him now so he's fairly rated.) Hibbert won't be as good offensively unless he can develop Smits' deadly 17-footer, but he's a better shotblocker and rebounder, as well as someone who could take advantage down low against smaller players in the pros. He's also a legitimate 7-foot-2, which gives him something in common with only 5-6 players in the NBA right now. I like him. He's a top-eight pick in my mind. Unquestionably."
- Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons

However, I should say that I knew Rik Smits. Rik Smits was a friend of mine. Roy Hibbert is no Rik Smits.
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Why Roman numerals? They don't play that kind of football in Italy [Feb. 4th, 2007|06:31 am]
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[mood |giddygiddy]

Well, I've waited a long two weeks for tonight to happen. Well, actually, my entire life. The Indianapolis Colts, playing in the Super Bowl. I'm still amazed that that is going to happen. And of course, of all nights, I have to work during most of it. Silly Lowe's, it's around zero degrees, most employees have rooting interest in the two teams in the event, and yet they don't close down. Oh well, that's what the DVD recorder is for. Here is more thoughts picking at my brain with the Big Game 12 hours away (as of this posting):

There are many parallels between the Colts making this Super Bowl and the Pacers making the 2000 NBA Finals. I had committments that made me unavailable to watch the teams clinch the conference finals as well as committments that make me miss most of the title games/series (I was in Mexico on a missions trip during some of the Pacers-Lakers battle). One thing I WON'T repeat from 2000: get a conference champion shirt. People at Taylor probably remember I owned a Pacers 2000 Eastern Conference Champion shirt. Of course, that meant that the Pacers would go on to lose and fail to get Reggie Miller his ring. I'm not repeating that mistake with the Colts. I prefer a Super Bowl champion shirt, thank you very much!

I saw a piece on ESPN about two black coaches going head-to-head in the 1975 NBA Finals, and both talked about how no one made a big fuss over their skin colors back then. Of course, there is a HUGE fuss over both Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith being black. This proves once again that the media makes issues that shouldn't be there. Dungy and Lovie are both quality coaches, and to say "African-American coaches made the Super Bowl for the first time, have a cookie" seems pretty racist to me (though being a Caucasian with a British surname, I probably don't know anything).

I can't hate the Bears. I just can't. I can get so worked up about Belichick and his Hoodie, Bill Cowher and his Sgt. Slaughter persona, and Ray Lewis and his goofy dance. But I can't hate the Bears. I named several of my fantasy football teams after Mike Ditka. My favorite running back of all-time is Sweetness. My favorite defensive player is the Fridge. The Superfans are among my top 5 favorite SNL skits. The Super Bowl Shuffle is my favorite music video (ok I'm lying about that, but you get my point). Even though I bleed blue and white, I still have a soft spot for da Bears. I just have to think about how much I despise Brian Urlacher and Tank Johnson, and how Rex Grossman destroyed my fantasy team. There, that's better. Bears suck!

I wonder what Edgerrin James is thinking, considering Joseph Addai broke through a Patriots defensive line for a winning score while he couldn't. Or that Dominic Rhodes gets to play in the Super Bowl, while James is stuck in a perpetually mediocre franchise. Oh, that's right, he doesn't care. He's just counting money. What am I thinking?!?!

Overall, it's amazing how the Colts can get farther than teams that were more talented, but they are a gutsy bunch. They once again prove my Roy Williams Theory, where teams that constantly blow out their opponents falter once they get in a pickle, while teams that usually are in close games tend to do better once it matters. Heck, Roy Williams won his championship after he stopped focusing on running up the score on weaker opponents. It's time for Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy to do the same thing. That way, after tonight, there's only two to count on for certain bad playoff moments: Marty Schottenheimer and the Cubs.

And if you see this post for the first time after the Colts lose the Super Bowl, consider me a moron.
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The Baltimore Browns and the Return of Jack [Jan. 12th, 2007|11:09 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]

Obviously, I'm pumped up about the AFC Divisional Playoff Game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens. I probably won't be as pumped by Saturday night, but one thing is certain: I despise the Ravens. And it's not because the Colts have a bad history against the Ravens (which they don't). Just their entire atmosphere makes me vomit. Ray and Jamal Lewis got slaps on the wrist when it comes to the law. Brian Billick is the ultimate coach who thinks he's better than he is (if he's such a "genius", what's with all the bad years between the Super Bowl and this year?) And of course, some have to bring up the Mayflower truck incident (as the campus pastor did to me when I was at Taylor). It was over 20 years ago! The owner most responsible for it is dead! And besides, I know the city of Baltimore has clean hands to criticize Indy "stealing" their team, considering they never "stole" a team from another city or won a Super Bowl with that team. Oh wait...

Anyway, the thing that will get me to continue my huge adrenaline rush (or save me from depression, one of the two) is the Sunday return of 24! I'll have to work when it first premieres, but fortunately Mr. DVD Recorder will be ready for me to watch it after work. To summarize how I feel, I'll let Bill Simmons handle it, as indicated from his NFL Picks column:

Jack Bauer (+13.5) over THE CHINESE

The pick (in body counts): Jack Bauer 23, The Chinese 0.
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My new job [Dec. 31st, 2006|04:14 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |Journey - Wheel in the Sky]

I started an overnight stocking job with Lowe's last week. So far, it's cool, though it's real hard work. The crew unloads a truck each night and then takes the boxes down to the floor to be stocked. It's hard adjusting my sleep pattern, especially since I still have the job with the Taxpayers Association, but at least for the first time in a while I'm getting the hours. Plus, there's no such thing as boredom in this job :) At least it's something until I can find another job.

For Christmas I got 24 Season Five, so I've been plowing through it like snow. I'm pumped about the January 14th season premiere, though I'll have to DVD it since I'll have to work.

I've been following the NFL playoffs closely, and there's pretty much no clear-cut favorite this year. Every team has a "yeah, but" attached to them. Some may say San Diego, but somehow Marty Schottheimer is going to screw it up. Others may say Da Bears, but Rex Grossman may try to extend his record for most games with negative fantasy points. McNair most likely won't last the entire postseason for the "Nobody likes the Ravens." All the "yeah, buts" with the Colts have already been mentioned somewhere. Fact is, with so much suckitude, it's going to be a very interesting postseason. And I can't wait :)
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Penna trip [Sep. 15th, 2006|11:43 am]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |Life is a Highway]

Last week I drove to Pennsylvania to see Hedrick get married. Looper was one of the groomsmen. Other Taylor alum that attended were J.J., Andrea, Lerew, and Lerew's wife. The wedding and reception were pretty good. Looper's candle burnt out when he was lighting the candles in the front, I haven't seen anybody there since at least graduation. It was good times catching up with everyone there. It's amazing how many people have been led by God to ministry.
As for the trip itself, it was just me and the family van during the long hours on the road. Friday night I slept at a campsite (which I picked mostly b/c it had showers, but also it had a lot of trails around a lake), while Saturday night I slept at a Wal-Mart parking lot in eastern Ohio (which I wouldn't recommend due to the loud sweepers that they use at night). I didn't realize how flat Indiana is until I drive in Pennsylvania.
On the way back I stopped by T2's house and Taylor. The T2 clan is doing fine, and their 18-month-old child had fun with my Cincinnati Reds hat. After getting in contact with Caleb, I hung out with him at the church where he is leading a youth group. He then beat me in a game in Triple Play baseball before his Colts party with the youth started. After that, I visited as many people around the Taylor campus as I could: Gin & Miriam, Danny, Nathaniel, Schlak, BenTay, Farns, etc. At the same time, I tried to get in enough time during the Colts-Giants matchup. Finally, I returned home. Hopefully later this year I'll have a longer stay on Taylor's campus, especially since I haven't had the time and/or funds to do so since I graduated.
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Be prepared [Sep. 7th, 2006|11:39 pm]
I'm going to make some stops in Pennsylvania and Taylor University this weekend. Fun times.
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